How to check website for optimization.

All sites need a mobile page optimization solution. How can I check the current state of the site on different devices? How to test a site yourself on different speed channels? Let’s consider a free method. Site responsiveness Why is the website responsiveness check required? The site’s adaptability for various mobile devices is a ranking … Read more

New Website SEO Tips

We are engaged in SEO promotion of sites in different countries, and when communicating with clients and SEO specialists, we noticed that there are a lot of myths in working with links that it is not clear who came up with it and it is not clear why people believe in them. What is site … Read more

What are the breadcum?Why are importent for solve?

Bread crumbs are an important   That’s why it makes a lot of sense to add these helpful little tips. Let’s take a look at   What is “BREADCUM’? A navigation path could be a little text path, usually placed at the highest of a page that indicates wherever the user is on the location. … Read more