How to Earn Money With Adsense

What is Adsense and what is it for?

Google AdSense is one of the oldest Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising platforms. In fact, every Google Blogspot user automatically became an Adsense user. Google AdSense has thousands of satisfied customers because he always pays on time.

Another reason for choosing Google Adsense is the potential for big money if you work with it correctly. There are many bloggers out there who make a living from their platforms and AdSense. Since Google AdSense is the flagship in online advertising and other sites are copying its innovations, AdSense has introduced strict registration conditions. For every error, your site will be denied registration.

Possible reasons for failure are listed below.

Why might Google Adsense refuse to register?

Not enough content or inappropriate content on the site, not enough text to analyze.  Google pays a lot of attention to the content of a website prior to registering for Adsense. If there are many errors in the text, the site will not be registered. Besides the absence of grammatical errors, the content should be unique and have value for your website visitors.

Bad website design.

What would you do if you landed on a site with a bright yellow background, white text, and lots of buttons randomly scattered across the page? You will surely leave it immediately. Poorly designed sites are not well received by visitors and do not register with Adsense. The lack of a page with a description of the privacy policy, a description of the site (“About us”), and contact information. These pages must be present on your site before you begin the registration process.

The site does not comply with Google guidelines.  Lack of unique semantic content, search traffic, poor site usability. They also refuse to register sites that attract content from illegal sources, sites with an excessive number of keywords, or with low-quality code.

privacy policy

One of the common mistakes every blogger makes is the lack of a privacy policy page. While there are people who think that such a blog page is unnecessary, they are wrong. The first thing to do before applying to sign up for Adsense is to create such a page. No privacy policy – no registration. Why is it so important? Because the privacy policy means you are not an internet scammer and gives visitors a sense of trust in your site. The rest of the parameters will be checked only if your site has such a page.

The privacy policy actually tells visitors what they will get on your site, what they can and shouldn’t do. So there is nothing wrong with having such a page. You can write the text yourself or find privacy policy generators on the Internet (you don’t need a lawyer).

About Us Page

Like the Privacy Policy page, the About Us page is required to complete registration. It describes the author or team of authors of the site and the site itself. The About Us page will not only help you build relationships with your visitors but will also increase their trust in you.

Contact Us Page

You can’t argue with the fact that every person has their own opinion. What some visitors to your site like can annoy others. It is all the more necessary to give them the opportunity to speak out and share with you their attitude to the site. On the contact page, post your email address and links to pages on social networks. This will show Google Adsense that you think about visitors and are ready to talk with them, not just about money.

Your name and email

When you submit a registration request, be sure to post your name and email address in a prominent place, for example, on the page “About” or “Contact”. This will be a confirmation that the person submitting the registration request and the author of the site are one and the same person.

Age check

This mistake is often made by young webmasters under the age of 18: they write the wrong age to register, but they are refused. Google Adsense for those over 18.

Minimum number of publications

There is no clear answer to this. There were cases when sites with half a thousand publications were refused registration, while sites with 40-50 publications successfully registered and earned money.

Presumably, the site should have over 50 unique posts, each over 500 words long.


As mentioned above, site design is very important. He must be professional. The design comes right after content in importance and represents your experience, skills, and professionalism. So be careful with the design, as any mistake could be worth the registration. One of the solutions to this problem is to buy a professional website design.


Be careful with the type of content you post. Google AdSense does not register pornographic sites that are dedicated to drugs and illegal items.

Also reduce the chances of a publishing site registering, less than 200 words.

Value creation

Google loves sites that create content that is valuable to their visitors. Be sincere with your site visitors and don’t try to sell them anything obsessively.

Do not complain that you cannot make money on the site, and do not say that you have created a site solely for the purpose of making money.

Other advertising platforms

If your site displays ads from other sites, it’s time to abandon it. Although Google Adsense allows you to post advertisements from other sites, it is best to remove them from the site before applying for registration and not return them until a positive decision is received.

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