Full form of India

What is “India”?

India is a Country.Which Another name is “Bharat”.Few years ago many of people call India to Hindustan. Actually India is tha Latin word.India country name form Latin Greek language.India name from indus the name of Indus river.From Persian Hind,From Sanskrit sindu river,which is specify the Indus. Main factor Greek and Persians extended the name to include all the country wast of the Indus river.

Who found The name of Country India?

The greatest name vasco de gama reach from European to India via Atlantic ocean.When he arrived at Malabar coast,vasco de gama sailed from Lisbon,Portugal in july 1497.and then anchored at Malinda on the east coast of Africa.

What is the full form of ” INDIA”?

Actually India is the democratic country.So India have no full form.But some impotent person say many of meaning of India. Such as below…Please read this carefully.

Read the first phase..






Read the second phase

Independent National Democratic Intelligent Area

Innocent Native Dwellers of Indus river Area

Independent Nation Declared In August

Incredible Nation Dazzling Inexplicably Awesome

Read the third phase

I: Independent

N: National

D: Democratic

I: Intelligent

A: Area

Read the forth phase..

I- independent

N- Nation

D- declared 



Lets know about more information of India.

India is the second largest country in Asia.And also four world chief religion – Hindu slim,Buddhism,Jainism,Sikhism,Few years ago India was United a under Muslim sultanate based around Delhi.Most of people know that the British empire administration acquired in Bengal in 1858 years.And then 1876 queen Victoria handle the empires successfully.India was in depended on 1947 years 15 august.And then Bangladesh and Pakistan country divided their own position or area.And then India was divided,And freedom as well as that we know.India is second popular country in the world.Mainly India name comes from Indus river.

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