Proven Ways to Earn Money From Blog

If you are here to understand and learn how to make money from a blog, then you are on the right track and started a blog. When you start a project, you have a vague idea of how to make money from a blog, not to mention how much money famous bloggers make. Firstly, it will not be here, as in the picture above: A fairy will arrive and money will pour from the monitor. Blogging is not an easy task and requires labor and time, like any job.

No one will give you an easy recipe for how to monetize your blog. But the direction of development, and the ways in which you can receive income from your project, here you will find out.

Before we dive into the topic of how to make money from a blog. Consider what is needed for successful blogging.

1. How to make money on a blog: INTRODUCTION.

It is important to lay the right foundation and adhere to the basic principles and postulates. To make sure you get a return on the work you do to achieve your goal of making money blogging.

1. Find a blog niche.

Already decided on the topic that you will blog about.
Statistics show which things come first (the necessary steps before you actually start making money from a blog) A blog niche is a place that says clearly and clearly what the interested audience will get.

The blog niche attracts an audience that is interested in the content that the blog has to offer.

Formed a coherent idea of who the visitors and readers of blog posts (female audience, the younger generation, and people who follow their appearance). The goal that is set when reading the blog looks clear. Find out cosmetics, get a miracle – a cream or a fashionable DIOR scent.

Confidently conduct a rendezvous with the advertiser and conduct a substantive conversation about the consumers of the blog content and why they will be interested in buying the products of the company or enterprise.

Now take a step back and pretend you haven’t chosen a blog niche and publish whatever comes to mind.

The blog is dedicated to indoor plants, but had a fight with a gentleman or girlfriend and depression in the shower. Publish after the article about Azalea and Spathiphyllum, a post about the vicissitudes of life and the black streak.

In such a fantastic place, the advertiser will not show his nose. Gardeners will not want to advertise in such a depressing corner, and psychologists will look in surprise.

I understand that the example is grotesque and simplistic, but searching and linking to the blog niche will help you stand out from the mass of unorganized content and hammer reinforced concrete piles into the basis of understanding how to make money from blogging.

# 2. Write consistently and consistently.

Is there traffic coming from blog posts ranking well in search engines?

If so, then this is the beginning of a journey in learning how to make money blogging.

Need more inspiration about what to write about, see, and dei for blog posts.

Once you’re on the SERP front page, your first thought is, ‘Well, now that I ranked # 1 on this topic, I’ll settle down here and reap the sweet rewards.’ At this point, newbie bloggers break down, imagining that they have reached the heights and perfectly understood how a blog makes money.

If it were that easy, the world would be full of rich, cigar-in-mouth bloggers and Versace suits. The blog niche determines the fate of the resource and making money on the blog directly depends on the initial choice. How to establish the initial direction will help or, on the contrary, hang a burden on further decisions, including on the financial front.

A ray of hope dawned and the blog entered the first page of Google search. The traffic flow is growing every day. It’s easy to make a mistake and relax.
Talking about making money on a blog sometimes means passive income … and they are wrong. 10-15 hours a week is spent writing articles for successful bloggers. They have reached heights, and they complain that they would write more if there was time.

Developed blogs publish 2 – 3 a week if not one or two a day. To make money blogging, you have to write regularly. Maybe not aspiring to be the next Buzzfeed, but if you want to make money blogging, gravitate towards publishing, 3-4 articles every month. Not 300 words, but at least 1500.

That’s what it means to make money on a blog. Material, content, messages, and in continuous mode.
If you stop writing, the reader will leave the blog, and earnings in the blog will be reduced to zero.

Constantly updated content shows the advertiser, not a swamp mired in mud, but a living resource breathing life.

Writing at the behest of your soul is easy and pleasant. Writing quickly, well, and beautifully is essential to making money blogging. Readable text right leg of the blog. The second pillar is SEO – optimization. We will not go into detail on the bones but highlight the moment.
Each article receives a key phrase. And the keyword is equivalent to the Internet search topic.

When Historical Blog SEO is optimized, the trust rate in the eyes of the advertiser grows and the chance to make good money on the blog increases proportionally.

Build friendships with visitors rather than treating them as an impersonal stranger.
Create groups on Facebook, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, and other social networks.

When a blog has a well-formed core of followers and regulars, the dilemmas of how to make money from blogging.

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