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We are engaged in SEO promotion of sites in different countries, and when communicating with clients and SEO specialists, we noticed that there are a lot of myths in working with links that it is not clear who came up with it and it is not clear why people believe in them.

What is site trust?

Let’s imagine such a situation that we wrote two very good articles on the same subject and posted them on different sites. One site is fairly new and little known, the second site has been around for a long time and has a certain level of trust among experts in this niche. Which site will rank higher in search engine results for the thematic queries from this article? Obviously, the second site is due to its high trust.

How to determine the trust of a site?

The most popular metrics for determining site trust:

  • Alexa Rank: the less the better, trust sites from 500,000 and above.
  • Ahrefs Rank: Less is Better, Trust Sites from 500,000
  • Ahrefs DR: from 0 to 100, the more the better, trust sites from 50. It is used as a primary metric, as it is easy to wind up.
  • Number of links by Ahrefs
  • Majestic TF (the more the better – trust sites from 30)

How many links do you need for a website?

This is the most popular question I am asked by clients at the agency and students in courses. This question can be answered in a streamlined way, that everything depends on the niche and what needs to be tested))) In fact, there is a more practical answer. In order to determine the approximate number of links for website promotion, it is necessary to conduct a competitive analysis and take the average value as a benchmark.

After we have received a reference for the number of links, we need to analyze the quality and sources of links to the competitor’s site. Data on the quality of donors and methods of obtaining links are also included in the comparative table. Next, we need to set up a link building strategy for our own website.

Consider two options:

Link building strategy for a new website

If we just registered a domain, it would not be entirely correct to buy links to this site right away. We should like the search engine from day one. How to do it?

Sign up with various social networks, create a profile there, and put links to your site. Then you can register your company on the job search site and in directories. This is as logical as possible: we have created a company and are looking for employees in it, and we also place information in directories and map services so that it would be easier for employees to find us. This is the basic link building I recommend for any website.

Then you can continue to register the site in various directories and submissions in order to build up the site’s link profile as naturally as possible. Thus, we create an airbag for the further promotion of the site.

How to choose donors for your site?

We recommend that you use the ” Three T ” rule when choosing a donor for a site. When choosing a donor for a website, pay attention to three parameters:

  • Trust
  • Traffic
  • Subject

If you can’t find donors for basic link building and pillow shaping on your own, please contact us at Links! We have three link building plans that will suit most internet projects.

Links from forums and directories

A tool that many people know called crowd marketing. Unfortunately, the disgrace that we see on the forums has nothing to do with the crowd or marketing. Lackbuilders simply spam forums and call it a crowd. These links are practically useless for transferring the link power, and they do not provide transitions.

How to do normal crowd marketing?

It is necessary to give a relevant answer to questions that are discussed on the forum. If a person is looking for your product or service, you can recommend it on the forum. It is logical that this forum should be in the same region where the sale of a product or service is carried out. Then this link will be followed not only by referrals but also sales. Also, on the forums, you can be an opinion leader and people will turn to you, asking for help in choosing a product or service.


Links must be placed without an anchor (link to a product or category), lead them to the relevant page of your site. How will these links be useful for SEO? Some of them can convey link power, but most will work simply to dilute the link profile.

What other options are there for getting links?

We know many more ways to get links, but all of these methods are either gray or black and we do not recommend using them for businesses that operate legally and in white.

If you are interested in alternative methods of obtaining, write about it in the comments, maybe I will write another article on this topic;)

Link building strategy for a live website

If your site’s domain has been registered for a long time, I recommend that you first conduct a link audit of the site.

What needs to be analyzed as a result of this audit?

  • Shared Domain Trust
  • Number of incoming domains/links
  • Dynamics by links
  • Anchor leaf domain
  • Reference regionality (TLD)
  • Ranking distribution of links
  • Acceptors (pages to which links lead)
  • Links from trust resources

For each of the points, you need to write the current state and the work that needs to be implemented. This can be getting links from the country you are promoting, an increase in the number of incoming links, or an increase in the overall trust of the site.

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