How to Make Money with Blockchain

Everyone is talking about blockchain now. Primarily in the context of cryptocurrency. Seemingly the easiest way to earn it is to mine. But it’s getting harder and harder to do that because video cards are expensive. For example, MSI GeForce GTX 1080, according to Yandex. Market estimates can be purchased for 39,790 rubles. It becomes more difficult to get cryptocurrency over time.

If you do expect to mine, you have two options:

Buy a specialized farm (from 180 thousand to 2.95 million rubles for Avito ) for mining bitcoins.
Mining altcoins are other types of cryptocurrencies whose future is not so obvious. You can spend several months, but the cryptocurrency you mined will depreciate.

If mining is no longer interesting to you, I have prepared a few more branches of the blockchain that will help you become a little richer.

Participation in ICO

There is a lot of talk about ICOs now. There is no point in repeating what it is – there is already excellent material on this topic. Let’s better figure out how it can help you make money.

1. Sale and purchase of tokens
At an IPO, people buy shares in a company, at an ICO, they buy project tokens. A token is a cryptocurrency that can be used to pay for future services or receive privileges after the start.

You buy tokens of a stable and honest company, wait for the next positive news from it and sell. You can track the profitability of tokens on the ICOStats website. As of the beginning of October, the Komodo project wins the top monthly, which raised the price of tokens by 56%.

Choose a company from which you will buy tokens as if you work for it. Pay attention to the site: it must contain agreements, rules, white paper (presentation of the company’s advantages and principles).

Trust only those startups that are developing something new. For example, Humaniq is a startup that builds banking for people who don’t have access to traditional banks. Stay tuned for news: if a company is doing well and fulfilling its goals after each stage of the placement, its tokens grow in value.

2. Submitting your project to ICO

Those who are working on their projects are looking for investments among funds and private venture capital investors. ICO allows you to raise money for the development of a project using crowdfunding. You announce the collection, place on the site, and receive money.

The main plus is money. Successful projects raise huge sums in a short time frame. The Bancor project is so far the record holder in terms of the ratio of the amount collected and the time: in three hours the project received 396 720 ETH. A few more examples of successful placement:

Locks – $ 35 million for 30 seconds.
Storj – $ 30 million in six days.
Aragon – $ 30 million in 15 minutes.
mobileGo – $ 53 million for the entire ICO period.
Everything sounds very smooth. In fact, there are many obstacles. Not all countries allow ICOs, so you will have to choose a jurisdiction for your project and fiddle with registration. Everyone who has invested needs to provide thoughtful bonuses. The company must always have a good information background, otherwise, the value of tokens will fall.

Blockchain training and work in a new specialty

I agree that the word “earn” may not be associated with office work. But learning how to work with blockchain and understand its basic principles will be useful for all IT professionals. Even if our government and the director of an “evergreen” bank are talking about the introduction of this technology, then it certainly has a future.

According to data from HeadHunter, specialists who understand the blockchain receive from 150 thousand rubles. Most of the vacancies are bashfully hiding behind the words “salary not specified.” But we must remember that it is easier for a scarce specialist to negotiate a salary.

Banks open blockchain competence centers, recruit teams for specific projects, and learn how to implement this technology in the client’s business. If you want to work in a bank, why not try yourself in such a department?

Resources will also come in handy:

Forklog is an informational site.
Bits – news and articles about cryptocurrencies.
Bitmakler is a site for those who dive into the topic. Contains many selections.

There are many more forums with more relevant information. Blockchain is developing rapidly, but not everyone understands how to implement it in business. I recommend that you personally communicate with those who are integrating into their processes or developing to order.

The easiest way to do this is at events, for example, at the upcoming SEO Conference in Kazan. It will have a separate block dedicated to the blockchain. Sergey Solonin (head of QIWI) and Maxim Avdeev (head of QIWI innovation department) will speak at the event.

From them, you can find out what awaits blockchain in Russia in the near future and what specialists will be needed for these projects. Maybe even take the contacts of the HR department and try to get a job in a cool federal company.

Development to order

Blockchain has special properties: fault tolerance, decentralization, security, and confidentiality. All these properties are important for companies in the financial and insurance sectors, data storage services, and more.

If you are engaged in the development of software or services, then using the blockchain you can expand your competence and offer more interesting solutions to your customers. Who can become your customer:

Streaming services. Thanks to the blockchain, microtransactions will be evenly distributed among copyright holders, musicians, and the service without delay in payments.
Decentralized data storage. The point of such storage is that there is no specific hard drive with a specific file that can be deleted. All data is evenly scattered and duplicated among many users. Such storage is not afraid of failures and attacks.

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