How to Make Money from a Website Easily

We continue to study the topic of making money on the Internet. In this series of posts, we’ve sketched out 50 different ways to make money online. Then we divided them into seven main groups and began to figure out which of the existing earnings are the most profitable and profitable, which ones are right for you, what are their pros and cons.

We have already analyzed the following groups of earnings on the Internet: part-time work, work for oneself (freelance), work for hire on the Internet.

In this issue, we will consider with you the next large group of earnings on the Internet and answer the following questions: How to create and make money on the site, how to make money on your own blog.

Looking ahead, I want to say that this is the most profitable and profitable scheme for making money on the Internet in my opinion. And it is to this scheme that all my subsequent lessons will be devoted to in which we will gradually figure it out:

How to choose a niche for your website or blog;
How to create your blog quickly and without programming knowledge;
How to monetize it in several different ways;
How to promote your site;
How to automate most of the work and make the site generate profits automatically.
In this article, we will not go into technical subtleties and details. We will deal with this in separate articles. Now we will analyze why this particular method of making money on the Internet is the most profitable and profitable, how it differs from the groups of earnings we have considered earlier, and why I recommend investing in this direction.

Before we move on to the benefits of this way of making money, let’s understand the concepts of a website and a blog. If you noticed both of these words appear in the title of the article.

How does a website differ from a blog?

In fact, nothing. A site is a general concept that essentially unites all the pages on the Internet known to us.

Literally, the Site is translated as “place”, “part”, “segment” (from the English site – place). A website is a collection of various electronic documents (text, video, audio) belonging to a specific person or organization, united under one common name (domain or IP address), located on a special server on the Internet (hosting), with the help of which these documents can display through a browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox) on various people’s computers.

Each site has an individual design thanks to a special hypertext markup language HTML, thanks to which we can create various pages on which to display the information we need.

The concept of a blog appeared to characterize specific sites and distinguish them from the general mass. For example, the same online store is primarily a site, but we call it so that it is immediately clear that we are talking about a site where you can buy certain goods.

The forum is also a site, but we immediately understand that this is a site for communication.

Social networks are also a site, but with their own bias.

A blog is a personal diary that is published on the Internet. If earlier people kept diaries in notebooks and diaries, where they wrote down their own thoughts, reasoning, and so on, then with the development of Internet technologies, people began to keep diaries on the Internet. It’s more practical. You do not need to carry a pen and diary with you.

Such diaries on the Internet can be made both private and public. After the first bloggers began to make their notes public, they noticed that other people began to read their notes and comment.

Information about interesting notes began to spread among people. If someone liked the blogger’s article, then he was in a hurry to share it with other people. With the development of social media, sharing interesting links has become easier.

So bloggers began to acquire crowds of fans, readers, and commentators. Blogs began to turn into Mass Media. And this, as you understand, is an opportunity to make money. What do all the media make money on? That’s right, on advertising.

In the context of this article, we will talk about making money on blogs. Please note that we will talk not only about placing ads on our blog but also about other interesting options for earning money. And if the concept of earnings on your website is encountered in the text of the article, then this will mean earnings on your blog.

Why do I recommend making money on a blog?

The first reason is MONEY! With your own website or blog, you can earn significantly more than if you do a part-time job, freelance, or work for hire. In fact, income is unlimited here. It can be as much as a thousand dollars a month, or several million rubles a month.

The amount of earnings largely depends on what methods of earning you use on your site. But no matter what methods and schemes you would use – the site is the foundation, this is the foundation.

For example, on the blog My ruble, I use 6 main profit generators :

Placing banners from direct advertisers;
Contextual advertising Yandex. Direct and Google Adsense;
Articles and press releases to order;
Information products;
Partnership programs;
Consulting and coaching.

Your site is reliable
The second reason why I chose to create a blog and make money on it because it is more reliable and the final monetary result depends primarily on me than on anyone else.

The fact is that while doing a part-time job on the Internet, freelancing, or working for hire, your income depends on other people. If you have an employer, you have a job. There is no employer, which means you will sit without work and without money.

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