How to Earn Money Online As a Teacher

The official income of a teacher allows only “to exist”, and a good rest, a car, an apartment, and a decent provision for their children can only be provided with additional income. I share the information that I have collected for myself.

Private lessons

The demand for tutoring services is stable. The most in-demand are teachers of English, Russian, German, Chinese, French, mathematics, biology, physics. Where to find students?

Bulletin boards. Here you can place free advertisements about your services. In addition, here you can find users looking for a tutor. For Russia, sites: Avito, Slando,, YouDo, for Ukraine: OLX, Kabanchik, Besplatka, for Belarus: Kufar, All-Top, Slanet, and others.

Resume on job search sites. That way, tutoring companies can find you. The advantage of such work is that companies have a steady stream of customers, so you will not need to search for them. For Russia: HeadHunter, SuperJob, TrudVsem, for Ukraine:,, HeadHunter, for Belarus:,,

Announcement on the sites for finding tutors. The largest of them is Buki and Here you specify the terms of cooperation, and the students find you themselves.

Groups in social networks. You can track the topic groups on social networks where parents communicate. By unobtrusively offering your services in the comments, you can find yourself, students, because it is the parents who make the decision about additional classes. At the same time, in such groups, some are themselves looking for tutors for children, asking for advice from the Internet audience.

Blog on social media. This is one of the most popular ways to advertise your services to teachers. You just create useful and interesting content for free for your subscribers, and for a deeper study of the topic, you offer to buy your course. By blogging, you show your competence. The more useful and brighter the content is presented, the more students will come to you.

Business card site on the website builder (Tilda, Wix, and others). You can create a website for yourself on your own, even without programming knowledge and for free. For advanced functions, however, you will have to pay about 1000 Russian rubles / 300 hryvnia / 25 Belarusian rubles a month.

On the site, you can post useful articles that you can buy or write yourself, post your online course, upload small video tutorials and other useful materials. Through a business card site, you can show your expertise, attracting potential students who will want to study the selected topic in more depth.


Freelance exchanges allow you to earn money by working at any convenient time. You are not tied to a schedule, so you can take only those orders that you have time to complete before the deadline for the delivery of the work specified in the Customer’s Terms of Reference (TOR).

There are absolutely any types of tasks on freelancing, including, of course, such not entirely ethical ones, such as writing tests, term papers, thesis, home or project papers. For example, foreign teachers are more lucky here too. Translations from English into Russian or vice versa are most in-demand, but the popularity of translations into many other languages is growing rapidly, as a large number of companies enter the international market, adapting their documents, websites, and blogs for potential buyers from other countries.

Copywriting is in demand – this is writing original texts for various sites. Such work for a teacher on the Internet is suitable for philologists who have everything in order with literacy, presentation, and construction of a structured text. To do this, you need to register on the exchange and submit applications for the implementation of free orders. The largest copywriting exchanges are,,

You can find well-paid orders on large online freelance exchanges, but it should be borne in mind that several dozen more executors will apply for the order. The customer studies the profiles of the users who submitted the application and independently chooses the contractor.

Most popular freelance exchanges: is one of the largest platforms in the CIS, but to see all orders, you need to pay for a premium subscription; – many customers from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and the CIS countries. There is a secure payment system that eliminates the risk of fraud. However, there is high competition here, so it is recommended that a beginner fill out his profile as much as possible and demonstrate his expertise; is a large exchange with many customers and performers. For professional portfolio design and increasing the priority of orders from the customer, you can buy a business subscription; – an exchange where orders are placed for developers, philologists, designers, translators, copywriters, marketers, and many other specialties; – in addition to orders in specific areas, here you can find a “simple help” section, where tasks are placed such as downloading pictures, searching for an article on the Internet, filling out a table, and other orders that do not require skills.

Before starting work, make sure that the site is verified, and it has a system of secure transactions that will save you from unscrupulous customers.

Online course

One of the most modern and highly paid methods for making money for a teacher on the Internet is to create your own course online. To do this, you need to prepare a training program, record a video (according to which students will learn) and post them on the website. For example, on the platform for creating online courses ” Learn “.

After the online course program is developed, you can engage in student attraction and improvement of the teaching material. By continually improving your training programs, you can increase the number of satisfied students, which will generate a lot of positive feedback and increase the chance that they will recommend buying your training to their friends.

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