How to Earn Money as a Freelancer

10 easy ways to make money for beginners

If you want to earn money, but do not know how to do anything at all, then the following types of earnings may be suitable for you:

Performing tasks on the Yandex. Toloka website. You will need to do simple tasks like sorting pictures, evaluating search results, etc. They pay little on the site, but they still pay. The service belongs to Yandex, so there will be no problems with withdrawing funds.

Completing assignments on social networks. For example, like a post, make a repost, join a group. They pay 2-5 rubles for one action, sometimes more. Tasks can be taken on sites like , (after registering on the site, go to the Microtasks section – there are tasks for social networks).

Filling the forums, adding comments. This is a simple job that does not require any qualifications. Your task is to add meaningful comments to articles, create new discussions on forums, etc. Some site owners buy such services to stimulate communication on their sites. They pay 3-5 rubles for one comment, sometimes more.

You can find such tasks on the website (after registration, go to the Microtasks section). Call center work . Nowadays, many companies are moving their Call Centers to remote locations, so operators can work from home. You will need to call people and suggest something. The work is stressful, paid moderately, but does not require any special skills (except for stress resistance).

Work as an assessor in Yandex. The assessor evaluates the quality of the search. The vacancy does not require any knowledge or skills. You will receive the necessary training if you are hired.

Website development on the constructor. If you have a lot of friends who work in the area of small business, you can offer them inexpensive to create a website with the help of the designer, for example, or . The advantage of the constructor is that it does not require any special knowledge and skills to create a website, and the website itself looks pretty decent. You can charge 3-5 thousand rubles for creating a website and then receive additional money for updating the site. For example, a client wants to add new photos to the site – you will do this for a certain payment.

Earnings from the sale of articles. If you know nothing at all, then the method will not work for you. Here you need to at least write without mistakes, be able to search for information on the Internet, write texts, optimize articles for SEO requirements. The good news is that you can master all the necessary skills by reading the articles in the Copywriting and rewriting training section.

Performing student work. There are many sites on the Internet for students where you can earn money by doing work for schoolchildren and students (term papers, essays, etc.). Upgrade accounts in computer games. Sell ​​upgraded accounts, as well as items obtained during the game.

Write reviews for money. There are sites on the Internet that pay to write reviews. You can’t make a lot on this, but you can get some money. As you can see, you can make money on the Internet even if you don’t know how to do anything. However, incomes will below. You will spend a lot of time to get a few hundred rubles.

But it’s better to learn something!

  • Nobody is born a ready-made specialist. Everyone is learning. Instead of trying to find a job that does not require knowledge and skills, it is better to spend time learning and increase your value as an employee.
  • Programmers can be called the kings of freelancing today. One hour of a specialist in the
  • Russian market can cost 1000-1500 rubles (a private trader, not a studio). A web programmer can earn 6-10 thousand rubles per day. On western freelance exchanges, an hour of a programmer reaches $ 50, which is more than 3 thousand rubles. at the current rate.
  • Naturally, to get that kind of money, you need appropriate experience, portfolio, and good knowledge of the technologies in demand. For beautiful eyes, no one will pay 3 thousand rubles per hour.
  • But which is better: not being able to do anything and earning modest amounts for hours of work, or trying to learn something in order to earn more?

What to become?

There are more than a hundred professions in demand on the Internet. For example: If you are good with math and logic, try programming. The most popular on the Internet are web programmers, PHP programmers, full stack developers.

If you like design, drawing, try yourself in the profession of a web designer. To make money in this area, today it is not enough to create beautiful sites. You need to understand how to design user-friendly interfaces.

Do you like working with the word? Take a closer look at the profession of a copywriter.

You can master the basics of copywriting yourself.

Dozens of professions are in demand on the Internet, the list of which can be found here. Choose the direction that seems interesting to you.

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