How to Create a Blog in 1 Hour

Have you always dreamed of starting your blog and making money from it?

Now, this is not only possible but also very easy. There are many handy tools and services to help you become a successful blogger and start earning passive income from your blog. I created my travel blog in 2 hours. Here I will tell you how I did it and what are the steps and ways to create your personal blog even faster, in just 1 hour.

If you don’t have time to read this complete guide to starting a blog, please share it on social media or save it for later. If you can invest 5 minutes of your time in building the life you dreamed of (or perhaps never dreamed of yet), then continue! Of course, if you want to create your own blog, the first step would be to find an appropriate name for it.

First, you need to think about the words that characterize your blog.

You have to be special about something, just being another travel blogger (or any other) will not allow you to make money on it. You can specialize in your area. When choosing a blog name, think about words that would describe it #how to create a blog Tweet

You don’t really need to travel to become a travel blogger. You can visit interesting places in your hometown, which you know very well. To have readers, you have to offer something special, not a list of the most typical attractions. You can share some tips and life hacks about your city, talk about places that only locals know about, and so on.

For example, if your blog is about food and sightseeing in Amsterdam, you might think of words like ‘Amsterdam’, ‘food’, ‘attractions’, ‘tourism’, ‘travel guide’, ‘local guide’. Depending on the budget level for which you intend to write articles, you might also think of words like ‘luxury’, ‘exclusive’, ‘budget’, ‘inexpensive’, ‘cheap’, and others.

Some other words might be about you. The difference between a website and a blog is personality. A blog is about you. So you can indicate your name (Roman, in my case), personality traits, what kind of traveler you are, and so on.

The difference between a website and a blog is personality. # Blog is about you. Tweet

With a list of such words, think of their combinations as the future name of your blog.

It is also important to decide which words to use based on which languages   (which language) you write and which country it is intended for. For Russia, this can be GuidePoAmsterdam.rf,, etc., or, If you are going to write in several languages, it makes sense to choose a title in English (I have 80% of blog visitors – English-speaking, which is why I created a blog with the name in English RomanRoams – Roman’s Wanderings), as well as the ending in .com.

Check out the best titles in your web browser. Just enter “”, “” and others. Check out the ones that are free. The Amsterdam Guide is redirected to while the Amsterdam Explorer is on sale.

Getting Hosting and Domain

  • Now, you need to choose your hosting and domain provider. Hosting is your place on a server connected to the Internet. Domain – the address of your site.
  • Let’s analyze some hosting and domain options.

Free Hosting & Domain – Building a Blog for Yourself

There are many platforms that allow you to create your own blog for free. The most popular are Blogger, LiveJournal, Wix, (not to be confused with, ‘.com’ for hobbyists, ‘.org’ for professionals), but there are many others.

Their obvious advantage is that they are free, but you won’t have a personal website, you will have your own page (e.g. your, so all the fame you get goes to the platform you write on. instead of getting to you.

However, it’s a good way to try blogging on your own to see if you can do it. If you’re just writing for yourself or your friends and family, that should be fine. But in this article, I want to tell you how you can create a blog and make money from it, which is almost impossible on such free platforms.

Registration on the Hosting Site

Registration using any of the three options takes only a few minutes. Upon registration, you will have several possible add-ons and options (most of them cost extra money). I recommend adding SSL (stands for Secure Sockets Layer) which gives your blog.

Another thing worth adding is domain privacy protection, which hides your personal information on the site. You don’t want the thousands of people who visit your site every day to know where you live and what your phone number is.

Another point that you should be aware of is that, as a rule, when you register on a hosting provider’s website, you have to pay immediately for 1-2-3 years of their services. The longer the period, the lower the monthly cost. You can choose the minimum available period, but I chose 2 years (and still, 2 years of service cost me less than $ 100).

Free Themes for WordPress Site

WordPress has a whole bunch of free themes. You can find them in the Themes tab inside WordPress. Check their reviews and specifications, play with some of them, and choose the one that suits you best by clicking ‘install theme’.

Professional WordPress Themes

If you want to become a professional blogger, sooner or later you will need to buy a professional WordPress theme. They cost between $ 25 and $ 70, which is not that much for such an investment. A better theme will give you more features and a faster page load speed, which will retain more of your visitors and give you a higher ranking on Google.

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