Famous SEO Tools for Rank YouTube videos

Are your videos showing up in the YouTube search?
In this article, we’ll walk you through 4 steps to identify the most effective keywords for YouTube content.

Identify hot trends with Google Trends

  • Before creating a YouTube video, you need to define a topic that interests your audience. Keyword optimization won’t do any good if people aren’t interested in your content.
    You can use Google Trends to identify the most popular topics on YouTube.
    Enter your query in the search bar. On the results page, select Search YouTube from the drop-down menu.

After that, you will see a graph of the change in interest in your topic over the past 12 months.
You can customize the results by specifying the country, time period, and category. In the More Related and Related Searches sections, you will find information on related queries.

Rate the competition with Ubersuggest

Once you’ve identified the keywords for your content, you can analyze them with the free Ubersuggest tool.
Enter your query in the search bar and select YouTube from the drop-down menu.

The tool will show you the search volume for each query and the competition. This data will help you evaluate the chances of ranking for the selected keyword. Find the phrase with the highest search volume and least competition. She will be your key to success.

Find additional keywords on YouTube

Pay attention to the automatically suggested suggestions on YouTube. There will probably be much more popular keywords among them.
This option is one of the best for finding effective phrases since this list is visible to all users entering a query into the search bar.

Check your selected keywords in Ubersuggest, estimate search volume, and competition. The most promising of them can be safely used in the title and description of the video.

Pick up tags in VidIQ

Choosing the right tags for YouTube videos is just as important as choosing the keywords. Using them wisely can ensure that you rank well in search results even for the most popular queries.
To figure out which tags to choose, analyze your competitors in VidIQ , a simple and free Chrome extension. Before getting started, install the tool and create a free account.

Now you can search for pre-prepared keywords and view statistics for the most popular videos for these queries.

When you open a YouTube video, you will see a new panel on the right. It will show you basic stats, including your overall SEO score, number of endpieces, and links in your description. Below you will find a list of video and channel tags. Next to each tag is the position of the video for that keyword in the search results.

Click on a tag to see search volume and competition.

Browse multiple videos in search results and select the tags with the highest volume and least competition. Add them to your video when uploading to YouTube.
Remember, don’t use too many tags. This will not increase the chances that more users will see your video. Instead, focus on the very best tags. Quality is more important than quantity.

Other Ways to Improve Video Ranking

Besides keywords and tags, YouTube also uses other ranking factors. Video CTR is one of the most important ones. YouTube carefully analyzes the videos with the highest viewer retention rates and lists them in the top search results.
For example, if your video ranks # 10 in search results for a specific keyword, but people click on it more often than competitors’ videos, then YouTube will slowly move it to the top.
That’s why it’s important to use original covers that will grab the attention of users.
The large number of comments below the video will also tell the algorithm that viewers are interested in your content. This interest will increase your chances of making it to the top.
YouTube uses sophisticated algorithms and ranking factors to show users only the most relevant videos.

Everything you need to know about YouTube video promotion in one article.
All effective internal and external optimization methods that use successful video channels.

If you need to promote your video or channel, you are in the right place. Let’s figure out why in the modern world to create and promote video content.

Online video is becoming more and more popular, sometimes even an indispensable tool for attracting customers, so we decided to describe in detail how to properly promote a video on YouTube. Let’s break down the work plan into stages and go through each stage in detail step by step.

SEO Optimization
Keywords and phrases must be used to ensure high rankings in search engines. “Keys” are indicated in the title, description, and tags for the video, in the description for the channel.

Re-linking Social Media
Links Attaching social media links help increase conversions.

Inbound links
Mentioning videos or links on any third-party resources helps to increase the position of the video.

Number and duration of views
Views are the main metrics that measure the success of a video.

The number of subscribers to the channel, adding to favorites
High indicators give a signal to the system that the video is interesting to users and it can be raised in the ranking of the search feed.

The ratio of likes and dislikes
A large number of dislikes will lower the video’s position in the search ranking.

A large number of comments indicate high audience engagement, which has a positive effect on search results.

Adding hints to the video
This function will allow not only to add information content to the video but also to attract traffic. Hints pop up as a teaser at the time specified in the settings and, most importantly, they are clickable.

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