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Bread crumbs are an important
That’s why it makes a lot of sense to add these helpful little tips. Let’s take a look at


What is “BREADCUM’?

A navigation path could be a little text path, usually placed at the highest of a page that indicates wherever the user is on the location. At yoast.com, for instance, the trail to our Yoast SEO plugin page is Home> WordPress Plugins> Yoast SEO for WordPress. This crumb path like a shot shows you wherever you’re. every step of that route will be clicked, up to the house page. But why is that this navigation aid known as breadcrumbs? once Hansel and Gretel visited the forest, Hansel born items of bread on the bottom in order that they might notice their approach home if they got lost. These breadcrumbs eventually became the model for those we tend to see on websites lately. read crumbs square measure a crucial part of most smart websites.
These very little navigation aids not solely tell folks wherever they’re on your website, however, they additionally facilitate Google confirm however your website is structured. that is why it makes loads of sense to feature these use very little tips.
Let’s take a glance at however crumb navigation works
They conjointly show up in Google search results, and you’ll profit off this by victimization Yoast SEO or adding the right type of structured knowledge to your web site. Breadcrumbs in search results offer users associate easy-to-understand summary of wherever the page is on your web site.
Yoast SEO mechanically adds the required structured knowledge, a BreadcrumbList, in JSON-LD format for you. simply flip the switch in settings and you will see the relevant lines seem in your ASCII text file, although typically you wish to feature a bit code piece to your theme too. Learn additional concerning our structured crumb knowledge in our documentation.

How many types of Breadcrumbs?

There are many types of breadcrumbs. They are.
1- History base breadcrumb.
2-Attribute based breadcrumbs.
History base breadcrumbs

These are the most common and that is how we use breadcrumbs on our site. They tell you where you are in the structure of a site and how many steps there are to get back to the home page. Something like Home> Blog> Category> Name of the publication.

Attribute-based breadcrumbs

Attribute-based breadcrumbs are most often seen when a user has searched an e-commerce site, and the breadcrumb path is made up of product attributes, for example, Home> Product Category> Gender> Size > Color.

Why is important Breadcumbs?

Lower bounce rate

Almost no one enters a site through the home page. It is an organic search. That means that any part of your site could be an entry point. You must find a way to guide these visitors to other parts of your site if the selected page doesn’t meet your needs.

Bread crumbs can reduce bounce rates because it offers visitors an alternative way to navigate your site. Don’t you think it’s better to send a visitor to your home page than to go back to Google?
Google accept them

Your visitors like breadcrumbs, but Google does too. They give Google another way to find out how your website is structured, but, as mentioned above, Google can also use them in actual search results, making your result much more attractive to users.

To increase the chances of your breadcrumbs showing up on Google, you need to add structured data like Yoast SEO does.

How to solve the Breadcumbs process?

There area unit many ways in which to feature breadcrumbs to your website. initial of all, if you utilize WordPress, you’ll be able to use one in all the various plugins or, of course, Yoast SEO. If you utilize a distinct CMS, the method is going to be completely different. it’s conjointly attainable to feature them to your code by hand.
If you furthermore might need them to seem in Google results, you want to use structured information in a very manner that Google understands. you’ll be able to notice a lot of data concerning this in Google’s developer documentation on breadcrumbs.
Yoast SEO offers a simple thanks to adding breadcrumbs to your WordPress website. it’ll add everything you wish not solely to feature them to your website, however, to organize them for Google. simply add the subsequent code to your topic wherever you would like them to appear.




This code can often be placed inside single.php or page.php files, just above the page title. Some themes want it at the end of the header.php file. Adding it to functions.php is not a good idea as this could cause problems.


After adding the code, you can go to Yoast SEO advanced settings and activate breadcrumb support. You can also control what your structure will look like and what prefixes will be used. Learn more about our breadcrumb implementation document with Yoast SEO.
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