How to solve mobile website url “m=1”?/100% solve tecnic for mobile device.


Many of people ask for How to solve the Sitemap generator or robot.txt problem. I am going to solve your problem. So let’s start. At first we have to know why it show for robot .txt for blogger in google search console. Actually, robot.txt is a sitemap problem for google search console. At first you have to create a google search console account. And attach your website.perhaps you know how to create a google search console account attach with your website? You don’t know I want show you with picture step by step to follow>>>>

Google search console

At first you have to add your property option. And then add your domain.or website and click the continue.

And then you will see a new interface.and your property option is added. And then you will see an option “Add a Sitemap”.you have to click the Sitemap. Before clicking the Sitemap You have to create a sitemap
this website.
You have to go for Google. And click this link and create a sitemap>>>

Here is picture>>>>

And then You have to copy site map and paste your google search console sitemap. And then You have to go for a blogger setting in a new interface.and go for robot.txt option and paste the sitemap. and save it. Here is the picture.
blogger setting option
Finally, we have create Sitemap And solve robot.txt problem. But one more thing You have to add for blogger robot.txt option and edit. And copy this text and paste robot.txt option here is the text. Next time your whole URL will not problem for a crawler.

User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Disallow: /category/
Disallow: /tag/
Allow: /

You have to edit and paste this option. And save this text. Otherwise you will problem in the futureHere is the final picture of the site map.

Sitemap Create successfully

How to solve M=1 for the mobile version?

I am here to help you with how to solve website URL m=1 for the mobile version? Let’s discuss that. So guy’s Its a very useful HTML version has to add your theme HTML version. How to look for mobile version url= And how to look desktop mode URL I hope you know about that problem. So how to solve it?I will show you a picture step by step you have to follow with pictures.Then I will know you better understand. Here is the picture.
1- At first you have to go to the blogger theme option.and edit in “HTML” option.
2- And then you have to click anywhere in the HTML page.and press CTRL + F = Find option.And then You will Write </body>”.How?Here is the picture.
3- And then here is found which have I want. Here is the picture below And follow the Step
4- And Then the main thing to you will paste some HTML code. So carefully Seen this step and follow the rules. If you some mistake your HTML code has been corrupted. I will give you a RAR file >you have to extract the file And copy the HTML code And paste above the </body>. And save the file and successfully solve the m=1 problem. So here is the file.


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